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Fucking Hollywood   (SHORT 2004)

In Hollywood what connects people isn’t love but the desire to be someone or something else. Starting with the heartbroken Alicia, we follow a rogue’s gallery of Tinsel Town citizens as they scramble to make it through one more night in the city. From drug-dealing movie producers, to pizza-slinging "rock stars," to back-alley doctors and Russian mobsters, everyone knows what they want but can’t seem to get it. As each twisted story leads into another, and tragic events turn comic, it becomes clear that there’s only one place that could be home to all this — Fucking Hollywood. Filmed on location in Hollywood, the film stars Russ Riggens and Melvin Mar.

Genre: Comedy
TRT: 18:32
Main Cast: Russ Riggens & Melvin Mar
Director: Aundre Johnson
Producer: Aundre Johnson
Writer: Aundre Johnson & Stacy Rukeyser
Festival and Award History
Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films 2004, Egyptian Theatre Hollywood California 2005.


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